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He certainly did not consider the option for selling. It had been the summer of the year 2006. It was possibly 2 years later this whiz Harvard kid Mark Zuckerberg had come up with Facebook platform within his dorm room for far better interacting with everyone in the college. In the subsequent years, Mark Zuckerberg [...]

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Mark Zuckerberg shares great ideas on the future of email and connecting with friends at the Web 2.0 Summit earlier this year while Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed, this is the video. Check it out.

Mark Zuckerberg Web 2.0 Summit Video

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There have been several criticisms which Mark Zuckerberg has received with regard to his behaviour and actions in the past. Nevertheless, there’s perhaps one thing that no one can contest – that he is a shrewd business person. Mark is really a kind of person who thinks pretty long-term, not simply weeks, months or perhaps [...]

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What began as a lark in the dorm room of Mark Zuckerberg has definitely substantially revolutionized the manner people connect and relate with one another. If only Facebook was a nation, then it would rank the 3rd biggest in the world after China and India, and increasing as lots of people throughout the globe proceed [...]

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Mark Zuckerberg talks about Facebook and sharing with your friends and where Facebook is going. Get an insight of the mind behind the most used website on the internet Facebook from the founding creator Mark Zuckerberg.

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With a net valuation of about $13.5 billion, globally the youngest billionaire is leading his social networking website, Facebook, into predictably a public pay day. It had been in 2004 this refreshing and young entrepreneur started Facebook from a Harvard University dorm room. He departed from the university campus for the Silicon Valley later in [...]

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Welcome to ‘The Zuckerberg Effect’.

Mark Zuckerberg at just age 26, is the youngest billionaire in the world. Taking the crown from Bill Gates who become a billionaire at age 31. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has a population that is the third largest in the world. Learn the skills and strategies of Mark Zuckerberg [...]

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